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Every business gains a benefit from more enquiries. We employed a combination of structured data mark-up, careful design and thorough keyword research used strategically in website architecture, content and imagery to drive greater visibility in organic search results that led to an 80% increase in website enquiries.

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Working with Miller Creative Group as their digital partner, our objective was to deliver a website solution that ranked well online and improved month by month on performance. The previous website suffered from navigation and content structure issues that needed to be resolved. Our team sat with Miller Creative and mapped out a content strategy that included the basic SEO requirements, like Meta Tags, more technical requirements like Schema Markup and how to handle images for better search results on line.


A modern, easy to update Umbraco website built using a custom design bespoke for the Clients’ needs. The website is mobile responsive and performs well on mobile devices. The use of scheduled reporting meant that the Miller Creative team were always up to date with how they were ranking for desired keywords over time per region of interest, in comparison with their competitors in the same industry sector. Without data, you don't have real information.


“We have worked with The Hustle over the last two years to develop a resilient online platform and strengthen our online search rankings. The ongoing focus on improving our nationwide search presence with The Hustle on both technical and on page SEO has resulted not only in more valuable enquiries via passive lead generation but a marked improvement in our online performance against competitors offering the same services nationwide. Our recent website development last year has resulted in an easier to use platform, reduced bounce rates and a design layout that better showcases our expertise and work.” - John Cooper, Miller Creative ex. Director


Miller Creative

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Miller Creative search engine optimisation and information architecture


Custom Website Design




Dunedin, Otago, NZ

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